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OMEGA 693 - X-Guard Synthetic Gear Oil SAE 320

OMEGA 693 - X-Guard Synthetic Gear Oil SAE 320

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Omega 693 

Omega 693 ekstrem yüksek ve düşük sıcaklıklardaki zor koşullara etkili koruma ve yağlama sağlayan benzersiz katkılar ve sentetik baz sıvıları ile dizayn edilmiştir. 

Helikal, eğik (konik) ve planet dişli üniteleri için tavsiye edilir. İstisnai oksidasyon ve termal stabilitesi sağlar. Yağlama aralıklarını uzatır, düşük sıcaklıklarda akışkanlığı kaybetmez. Mikro-pitting ve aşınmaya yüksek koruma sağlar.

Dişli ünitelerinin rulmanlarında ve dişlerinde çok düşük sürtünme filmi sağlar. Metal-metal sürtünmesinin azalması ile enerji tüketimi düşer. Keçe malzemeleri ve kaplamalarla iyi bir uyumu vardır. Mükemmel su ayrıştırma kabiliyetiyle servis süresini ve yağlama aralıklarını uzatır.

Yağlayıcının bozulmasını ve korozyonunu engelleyen köpüklenme direncine sahiptir.


Omega 693 X-Guard Synthetic Gear Oil is specially designed with synthetic base fluid and unique additive package to provide efficient protection and lubrication to enclosed gear units exposed to harsh service conditions at extremely high and low temperatures. Verified by a few stringent tests with outstanding chemical and physical properties, Omega 693 is recommended to be applied in the helical, bevel, and planetary gear units in almost all industries such as cement, chemicals, general manufacturing, mining, steel, power generation, wind energy, and so on. 

Exceptional Oxidation & Thermal Stability: 

Unlike most conventional mineral gear oil, Omega 693 is formulated with synthetic base fluid that carries exceptional oxidation and thermal stability. Effectively alleviating the deterioration of oil performance under thermal and oxidative stresses, Omega 693 extends the gear oil re-lubrication intervals for gear units frequently exposed to elevated temperatures. In addition, synthetically formulated, Omega 693 offers excellent fluidity at extremely low temperatures. Hence, Omega 693 is ideally suitable for most gear units exposed to extremely high or low temperatures and dramatic ambient temperature fluctuation.

Super Protection Against Micro-pitting and Wear: 

Omega 693 provides super protection against wear and micro-pitting which are common causes of gear failure. Without proper inspection and/or test, micropitting is usually undetected. The potential damage to the gear teeth caused by micro-pitting cannot be ignored since micro-pitting will ultimately aggravate to cause premature gear unit failure. Verified by intensive tests including the demanding FZG scuffing and micro-pitting tests, Omega 693 offers excellent micro-pitting & wear resistance to lower the risk of premature failure of gear units operating under high and shock loads. Ultimately, Omega 693 reduces both maintenance and downtime costs and even increases gear efficiency.

Low Friction Fluid Film: 

Omega 693 provides a very low friction lubricity film on the gear teeth and rolling bearings of gear units. Not only does this special property serve as an extra smooth protective fluid film against wears caused by metal-to-metal contact between gear teeth, it also increases the gear efficiency and hence reduces the energy consumption by the gear units. 

Good Compatibility with Seal Materials & Coatings: 

Evidenced by several material compatibility tests established by “ Siemens - Flender Gear Units”, Omega 693 can be applied safely on the seal materials and coating paints of most enclosed gear units, eliminating the potential hazard caused by many other gear oils on the seal materials and coatings of gear units. This surely saves considerable amount of extra maintenance resources required to keep the casing or parts of the gear systems in decent operating conditions. 

Excellent Demulsibility Characteristics: 

Formulated with deliberately calibrated amount of demulsibility agent, Omega 693 provides superb water separation ability that most other gear oils cannot match. By reducing the risk of water contamination, Omega 693 offers prolonged service life and extends the re-lubrication interval. Coupled with its outstanding resistance to corrosion, Omega 693 effectively protects the gear units frequently exposed to moisture and humid conditions.


Foam-Resistant Ordinary oils have a tendency to foam under agitated conditions. This promotes oxidation and oxidation is the cause of lubricant breakdown and corrosion. Omega 693 however, has specially built-in foam inhibitors which ensure that the lubricant remains stable and unaerated during operation. 

Performance Specifications: 

Omega 693 is recommended to lubricate and protect helical, bevel, and planetary gear units and geared motors. 

Omega 693 meets and exceeds the following performance specifications: 

• DIN 51517/3 CLP 

• FLENDER Gear Approval Rev.9 for helical-, bevel, and planetary gear units

• US STEEL 224 

• AGMA 9005-EO2 • ISO 12925-1 CKC/CKD 

• Cincinnati Machine Gear 

TEST                                 TEST METHOD 

Appearance --                                                            Transparent, Yellow 

Density, gram / cc 
          @ 15°C(59°F)              ASTM D-4052                        0.86 

@40.0°C, cSt                         ASTM D-445                           320 

@100.0°C, cSt                       ASTM D-445                             36 

Viscosity Index                        ASTM D-2270                         160 

Flash Point, COC, °C                ASTM D-92                             250 

Pour Point, °C                          ASTM D-97                             -41 

Copper Corrosion,                   level ISO-2160                           1a 

Foam formation, 
ml/ml, ml/ml, ml/ml                     ISO-6247                      0/0, 40/0, 0/0 

FZG test, A/8.3/90, load level       ISO-14635-1                     >12 

FZG Micro-pitting test                   FVA-54                               Pass 

FAG FE8 test,                              DIN-51819-3

 Roller weight loss, mg                                                             < 30    

Cage weight loss, mg                                                               < 100 

Water content, %                           DIN-51777-2                     < 0.1 

Operating Temperatures, °C --                                              -30 to 220